I Cannot Break This Silence

by Daenerys Stormborn   Nov 18, 2006

I cannot break this empty silence, for it is breaking me
Two years we have been one heart, and I am longing to be free
These past few months you have grown so cold and bitter
I miss your warm embrace and it is nearly lover's winter

It's time for couples to be cuddling up and kissing in the rain
But when I reach to draw you near, you wince as if in pain
It breaks my heart; I feel my soul sinking deeper in my chest
My eyes are sore from crying, my mind aches from unrest

I try to break the silence with words of kind intention
But your unmerited resentment captures my inattention
For you, there is no middle to the silence and the screaming
By the end of each conversation, my mind is often teaming

We never mend the hurt, and you blame the pain on me
But if we both made sacrifices, this unfairness would not be
Our relationship is rapidly crumbling before our very eyes
Although it is you that I love, it is you that I despise


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  • 11 years ago

    by xXDurrTYSOutHXx

    Very nice poem. So dramatic; LoL! Good Job. 5/5

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