No one understands

by Princess Tamara   Nov 24, 2006

No one understands,
No one hears my plea.
I know you're gone but in my heart
I know that we were meant to be.

I never thought I'd die so soon.
I seemed so happy.
How could any one have known?

Tomorrow holds nothing but darkness and pain.
The sky is always dark.
It starts to rain.
I take the knife in my left hand,
This is what the fates demand.
I don't know how to let you go,

How do you say goodbye?
How do you watch your soulmate walk away?
I wish I could make you turn around and see me cry.
I wish I could make you turn around and watch me die.

I need to realize that now you're gone.
I should know you're never coming back.
Why did you go away?
I would have done anything to make you stay!

I slit my wrist,
I hit the floor,
I know it's over,
I close the door.

There's no one here to hear my scream,
There's no one here to end this dream.
I am all alone and I don't even care,
I tried to look for hope... but the world was bare.

I lie here and die.
It'll all be over soon.
There's nothing anyone could have done.
I say good-bye to the only one.


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