Crazy Love

by Daenerys Stormborn   Dec 2, 2006

Listening to Bob Dylan and Van Morrison
Singing love, love, love, crazy love
Honey, it's only your heart I want to win
It's only you, and I hold you far above

I want to throw my arms around you
Hug you and your smiling face
Smell your summer sweet hair, so true
Breathe in every sight and every place

I remember seeing you run down the coast
Your red skirts flowing behind
I remember your laughter the most
Playing over and over in my mind

When I return from lands so far away
It's you I want to see with dancing eyes
Saying baby, I knew you'd show up someday
And we'll stand defenseless, no more lies

Take away this heartache, I've felt so long
I knew not where to settle my life down
But now I'm sure you're right where I belong
With this crazy love in this quiet town

another crappy poem written during my writer's block period. someone save me!! this f ing sucks


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  • 11 years ago

    by dora

    Hey i really liked that last bit of the poem. and it wasnt a crappy poem at all. i thought ud expressed urself really good and great use of words to describe ur emotions. a touching piece. keep it up xx

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