My Warrior

by Karen Simpson   Dec 6, 2006

Lonely tears shed
Too many words unsaid
Moon arises, no more sun
Day is over, night has come

Darkness surrounds
No more sounds
Awake, young one
The time has come

Come from your safe
No longer be a slave
Darling, take a chance
That is when we dance

Light will come soon
Sing this glorious tune
Life will now begin
No longer will you sin

See my small light start
It is beginning to spark
Because of your faith
You are now truly safe

And with you now here
Take up this holy spear
Fight in my mighty war
And you will soon soar

Spread my holy word
Take up your sword
The battle is nearing
But no more fearing

Trust me and know
Time will soon show
You shall defeat the snake
It shall receive its fate

{Later made into a song}


COPYWRITE Karen Simpson 2006


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  • 11 years ago

    by Roxy

    This poem Is great, You described it so well.It's has so much spirit in it and shows the positive things rather than the negative i love it.One of the best poems ive read for a week actually. And i mean it!!
    xoxroxyxox love yaz