Never-Ending Dream

by Phoebe   Dec 29, 2006

I read the words before me,
And though I understand what they mean,
I cant help but wonder,
How did it feel?
Because it makes me want to scream.

I hear my fathers voice appear,
There's tears in his hazel eyes,
I love you daddy I really do,
But please stop telling me lies.

You tell me mum is a bad person,
She's selfish and only thinks of herself,
But you don't know her like I do,
For me she puts her feelings on the shelf.

Don't blame me for the things that happened,
Please don't tell me it's all my fault,
I feel so guilty all the time,
Like I've committed assault.

I've been stuck in this mess for years,
And I'm too young to really understand,
But you left me behind a long time ago,
And you no longer take my hand.

I never wanted for all this,
My best friend, dead as my heart,
It's not my fault he's gone daddy,
Please think back to the start.

My wishes never come true for family,
Its a never ending dream,
I wish I'd wake up in my bed,
My best friend by my side,
Not hearing mummy scream.


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