Ghetto looks get you everywhere!

by the love of another fills my soul   Dec 31, 2006

People ask me,
What you doin wit that hood boy,
Well baby all I gots to say is I got my man.
An I don't see yours buyin you diomond rings and silver chains.

People ask me,
What I'm gettin myself into,
Well right now, I'm gettin into some sexy ghetto fabulous shoes!
Are yours from walmart or price chopper?

People ask me,
Why does that boy want you anyways,
Cuz I'm downright irresitable hunnie.

People ask me,
Are you gainin some booty,
Hell ya and my baby luvin it.

People ask me,
where you goin wit you life wit that boy,
I'm goin straight to mansions of gold.
Cuz my baby ain't no gangsta trouble maker.
He's just straight from the hood sexy.
My man is the one who is gonna give me everything I want.

See ya lata walmart,
Here I come Gouchi


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