I'm sorry for tonight

by the love of another fills my soul   Aug 13, 2007

For all the things I've ever done,
I'm sorry.
For breaking your heart, once, twice,
I'm sorry.
For telling things I shouldn't
I'm sorry.

I was just so worried,
I couldn't keep it to myself.
You are my life. My love,
without you I wouldn't last a moment.
Your love is the one thing that keeps me going
that keeps me strong.
I'm sorry I have hurt you before,
and I'm sorry I have hurt you and made you angry with me tonight.

But to sit here and be scared for hours,
I couldn't keep it inside.
I've tried to call for hours,
and the phone just goes dead.
I've cried wondering if you were ok.
If I would have to sit here,
and hear the news that you were gone,
before I've even met you.

With all my heart,
I love you dearly,
forgive me for telling her too much.
forgive me for worrying too much.
I'm sorry


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  • 12 years ago

    by Void

    Sounds like a long distance, internet based relationship? Anyway, I do like the feeling, and usually I would give props to rhyming, but I can tell that this is one of those poems that you just had to write. One that you simply had to express your words how they were, and not bother to make them rhyme. So I can give you props for being so true to yourself. Well done. :)

  • 12 years ago

    by Demian

    Hey baby i love u and u dont have to be sorry for any thing i love u and thnx for carring baby