Camel toe

by sally   Jan 19, 2007

Walking down the street something caught my eye,
a growing epidemic that really ain't fly,
this middle aged lady i gotta be blunt,
her spandex biker shorts were creeping up the front,
i could see her uterus her pants were to tight,
she mustn't own panties there were none in sight,
she walked right by the poor women didn't no,
she had a frontal wedge a camel toe.

girl thats gotta hurt take some time and adjust,
cant you see people staring and making a fuss,
could not believe my eyes had to take a second glance,
is your crutch hungry girl cause its eating your pants,
do you enjoy the commotion and attention it brings?
the only lips i wanna see are the ones that sing,
and public put it on an x rated show,
grossing people out with your camel toe.


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