Moving Away

by kayla   Jan 20, 2007

Moving Away

I look out my window
Down to the street
Wiping my eyes
Memories coming to me

The sun shining bright
Kids out at play
I pack my bag
My life gone away

I stand looking down
On my world for a time
The place I called home
A place that was mine

The sold sign out front
The U-Haul in wait
I must pack my things
For now its��s too late

My parents all packed
My name they call
Down the stairs
And through the hall

There they are standing
Eyes trained to me
A disappointed child
Looking back weakly

They are ready to go
To start new again
A new house and town
The same as back then

its not the first time
Not the first new home
It happens often
Once I make things mine

They tell me to hurry
We leave in an hour
I leave for my room
My mood gone sour

Looking out my window
Tears start to fall
Covering my face
As I begin to bawl

I'll miss my friends
The school I attend
My room and house
Its all at the end

Its now time to go
I get in the car
We drive away
To someplace far

Leaving my town
The memories will fade
My hurt and pain
Never displayed

Ill move on
Adjust to the change
Start a new life
And make the exchange

its now all done
we've settled in
To the new city and home
The journey begins


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