What happens when your alone??

by Ally   Jan 21, 2007

When I'm alone,
its like the whole world stops
there is nothing
but me and my mind
nothings moving,
nothings talking, its just me

When I'm alone,
i pretend I'm a super hero
right about to save someone,
when another person wants
to be saved
in this world i feel i am needed, and everyone looks up to me

When I'm alone,
its as if no one wants to be with me
no one wants to be my friend,
no one wants to talk to me
i feel abanded and misused

When I'm alone, i go naked
i feel free and spontaneous,
i feel as if my body wants to show
the world something and my mind
is the only thing keeping it from
doing just that.

and When I'm alone, i like to read
to pretend i am the character
inside the book. i like to pretend
that i have sort of fun inside my life.

When people are alone, things happen that we cant explain. People aren't truly themselves or even what they want to be.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Gem

    This poem is actually quite powerful y'know.
    Your stanza's each seemed to tell a seperate story yet they all linked perfectly.
    Excellent poem