Stop lying

by Tremaine Holland   Jan 24, 2007

Stop it! stop it right now! stop lying to me
to hide me from the truth
stop lying to me to protect me from the youth
the ignorant youth of today
I have to face it one day so why not now
your only disabling me for whats to come
let me go let me breath, let me obtain what belongs to me
let me take back my courage that they took from me
so wrongfully they took my joy, love, self-esteem
so stop it! stop lying to me
stop trying to cover me eyes with your lies
I know better to believe in your words
Poison is your verbal talk, making me sick
just stop laying is what my cure is
I want to know the truth so I can be prepared
Now anger is what I feel towards your boldness
to be bold enough to sit there and lie to my face


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