To a GREAT friend!

by Lakiah   Feb 14, 2007

We haven't known each other for very long but i feel like i have known u for years,
you make me happy, you make me laugh even if that same day all i did was shed tears.
You are funny and you are a great listener especially whenever my voice needs to be heard,
and u can tell exactly how i am feeling without me having to say one word.
I appreciate u a lot and our friendship means so much to me even though i never said so,
so now i understand why we won't get into a relationship, a perfect friendship will slowly let go.
You make me feel great about myself the way nobody ever has before,
you are one of the best people i ever met in my life, and believe it or not i know that one for sure.
Never had i imagined that somebody that makes me as happy as you could ever be,
and i mean that with all my heart because at this point in my life its kinda hard for me to be happy.
You are so different from other boys and one thing i know for a fact is that i will NEVER forget you,
because you see the real me that not too many people get to see and that just tells me that u will always remain true.
I am pretty shy so writing this to u isn't as easy as u may think but i just had to get out what i had to say,
I hope u loved reading this just as much as i enjoyed writing to you, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!

Love always, Lakiah


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  • 10 years ago

    by alison

    Hey lakiah your one of my favorite authors and i loved your poem and every single word was describing me and my best friend 4 ever and i was wondering if you would let me dedicate this poem to my very special friend?
    please : ]

    oh and your a great writer :)

  • 11 years ago

    by Brittany Ottmo

    Hey i really like this poem...keep it up...5/5