This day of love/up above

by lydia   Feb 15, 2007

Today is the day of love,
But my special one is up above.
I know that he is looking down upon me,
Wishing that it wasnt just me ,but we.

God took him away for a reason,
When it was that one special season.
Where friends could become more,
And when you would tell me for sure.

That you had a place in your heart,
But that special night tore us apart.
When God took you away,
And told me to stay.

God must have needed you,
Up there in the blue.
You know you are missed,
And only you I have kissed.

Since the death of your night,
On that dark and dreary flight.
I cant figure out why I arrived,
Still breathing, still alive.

While you were lying on the ground,
Not even to be found.
But that is in the past,
It is your love that will last.

Through an eternity of time,
Our love doesnt cost a dime.
Ill love you forever,
In my heart well always be together.


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