by LonelyKnights   Feb 16, 2007

She walks with him
Everywhere with him
Her figures hid behind the visage of man
Alone in life but always with me

They don't understand us
They can never understand us
Cause they fear us
They fear what is different

And the three of us are what they fear
We may never part
And we may not think alike but you are one of me now
And I will keep you safe

No one will hurt you like they did me
I wont let you hurt
You are me
And you will never be anything less

You make me whole
You make us whole
IRionar to you that you are different

And that I will always accept you
And never judge you
I love you Rion
WRionve you

10:28 16/02/07


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  • 11 years ago

    by Not Bulletproof

    And I will always love you(s). I wish I could be as free about myself as you are. One day, day Rion will be free.

    Two things:
    "IRionar to you that you are different"
    "WRionve you"
    --Same problem?

    --Lady Sorrow♥.

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