Radios And Candy Hearts.

by christina marie   Mar 3, 2007

Turn up the radio and realize, the music is drowning him out your deepest thoughts
When you get the chance, don't forget that you're about to suffocate
Ten until ten o'clock, plastic hearts fill the glass, half-empty, half-full, you decide
Put your heart on your sleeve, pass it off to him, and don't be afraid

Let the radio's knobs go flying, and increase in volume
Notes dance around your fingertips as you find a way to make the music louder
Gasping through the broken silence, you're on your way to breathing
You can imagine his lips pursed, screaming, I'll keep her, trust me, I've found her.

Candy hearts pour out of the radio speakers
Don't stop pouring, not yet, not yet.

Attach the headphones to the stereo system, fingers gliding over the volume knobs
It's getting louder, and louder, you can't drown him out forever
But through all the music pounding through your ears, hungry for the sound
Doll, the words he's mouthing you, are coming out even better

You don't have to stop, you don't have to think, you can keeping running, if you want
But, trust me, he's there to stay, he's not going anywhere
It won't matter how loud the music is, or how many counts in the beat
Just know the song is coming to and end sooner or later

Candy hearts pour out of the radio speakers
Don't stop pouring, not yet, not yet.

Turn off the radio, draw back the curtains, here's your ten o'clock show
He's standing outside, music blaring in his ears, his fingers making the music louder
He's been trying to drown you out too, and you'd been blind to it all
He's imagining your lips pursed, screaming back, that it won't ever work.

Candy hearts pour out of the radio speakers, ten o'clock tonight
And a glass overflowing from being poured into.

Copyright © 2007
February 28.
Christina Marie Hurley

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