Halloween poem II '06

by beav   Mar 19, 2007

Did you hear something?
No, I don't think I did
With footsteps about you had better stay hid
There are creepies and crawlies
and spiders and things
Skeletons and rats,
flittering bat wings
Cauldrons a'bubble with potions a'brew
You should stay indoors lest a goblin grab you
Werewolves and vampires
are things you may find
Keep out of the bone yards,
the fog leaves you blind
A coffin lid creeks,
in the distance a howl
Behind you,
the blood curdling screech of an owl
Beware of the Reaper and cobwebs,
black cats,
Of snakes and of mummies,
of witches with hats
Hide under the bed- if you think that will do
But ghosties and ghoulies can always find you
This night is not for those who easily scare
Cold chill up your spine - turn around!
- no one's there
It's true there are those
(I am one, I must say)
Who grin at the thought
Something wicked's this way
So perhaps you enjoy this
great season of fright
And revel in the terror of
Halloween night.


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  • Interesting....original...i kind've liked it...it had it's own style, although it reminded me of stories they used to read to me at school when i was littler(not an insult)...but overall it was good
    Jonda Beth

  • 11 years ago

    by shawn hoskins

    Man that was an awesome poem best one i've read in awhile flowed nicely 5/5

  • 11 years ago

    by CY GINDLE

    Coolllllllllllll i try to nominat this poem aspoem of the week cause im a contest nominator but it always says i already voted 3 times this week and i hav'nt been able to vote for a least a month this site sucks . you got to take this poem of in a couple monthsa and enter it again around halloween time, this poem would def. win cy