It's War......But is it the last?

by Emily   Mar 23, 2007

Should we?........
Should we, Drop a Atomic Bomb on we did to Japan in 1945?
To kill some any citizens,to stop the now and for ever?
But what if.......
But what if we do and they don't give up and we keep on dropping bombs on Iraq and take it off the map?
If..we bomb will they bomb us back and kill all living and nonliving?
Will it.....
Will it start World War III
If it does......
If it does....We Will all be dead in a week..
should we fight or should we bomb?
Should We Stand are ground?
Hide in fear what we created?
What should we do?
Thats what i ask you?
Should we stop the war now with a big boom?
Should we fight, and stand are ground?


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  • 11 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Thats a strong poem, i really like it and i love how you end it with a very big me thinking so it did xxxx well done xxxxxxxxxxxx