by Lenny   Apr 6, 2007

Up the tap

Water gushes
Sound is sharp with promise
As the thick

Along the bath side,
Sweet candles
And let magic potion
Foster bubble children

At last the time has come

Down the tap

Flow ceases
And the sweet aromas
Spiral upwards
Bare skin meets the foam

And then creak
Sore muscles gently downwards
To sit upon the throne
Then ease back to rest your head

Eyes shut
Absorb the night-time
The candles flicker in the stillness
Dancing orange ladies
And black shadow men

And lie still
For that much longer
Until, ready, you rise

To pull the plug

And stand
A myriad of waterfalls
Cascading bathtimes secrets
And sentiments
And peace

Then lean close
And whisper out one candle
Drape wrist to find the towel
And step from sanctum
To collapse to the floor

In your towel
Wrapped in tumbles

And wait all alone there
Breathing in sweet steam

Then from the silence
Plughole screams
To raping candles

And fogged glasses are put on
To see the world

For what it is.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Drew Gold

    Wow this is amazing,.. very solid and intwined with itself.
    reminds me about the truth of ourselves. of what a bath can really be! (spanish bath?) :p

  • 11 years ago

    by Eclipse

    I'm a great fan of your work, and secretly one of your many stalkers...

    this poem depicts what a bath is. An escape from the world that is.
    I think you could have done better with the layout of this poem though, but thats MY opinion, and you better not kill me for it.
    I still think it was a good poem nonetheless, and one which I could relate to...thus comment on.

    Keep on trucking,
    x x x x x (and an) O