by lauren   Apr 20, 2007

Its something you wouldnt think of
To make or break your week
In fact, its worse than that
It could be everything you seek

It could ruin the way you feel
Or even who you wouldve become
Its so much worse than its perceived
Its more than harmless fun

It can tear you apart on the outside
But most of all within
You cant just give up a habit like this
Its a battle youll never win

Its whether or not you choose
To live your life as a lie
It will destroy all the choices youve ever had
Its something you cant deny

Dont put your heart and soul
Into something causing that much pain
Dont let it be your only way out
Your problems, youll still contain

So if you plan on putting that bottle
Anywhere near your lips
Youll lose more than youve gained
Including my friendship.


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