Grounded Hope

by Karen Simpson   Apr 25, 2007

Wipe the staining tears from your blood shot eyes

Push away your fears and your bitter mournful cries

Kneel to the earth beneath your weary stance

Smell the fresh dewy dirt rubbing onto your pants

Listen to the small birds singing you a song

They know your story they understand what's wrong

Despite your bitter pain look to the skies above

Every star placed in the sky with tender love

Tomorrow you will surely awake once again

Whisper one simple desperate prayer - Amen

Stumble out of bed and into aged worn clothes

Hope the day goes smoothly and everything flows

For now embrace this thoughtful moment on the ground

The one who will lift you up is also the one who's crowned

Above your hanging head above the sky and stars

Above this tiresome empty cry he shall redeem your scars

COPYRIGHT Karen Simpson 2007


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  • 11 years ago

    by Sarah

    I love it! its really really visual you feel everything as the story goes..i think it started with the pants on the dewy ground ;) good job ^_^