My Special Man?

by LickleGirlScared   May 1, 2007

You are my special man..
At least i think you are..
You shown me how to live..
How to love..
How to care..

You are my special man..
Maybe one day they will see its true..
One day...Maybe...
One day they might no you like i do..

You are my special man..
And you shown me how to care..
But you learned me the bad stuff too..
Learned me how to hate..
How to die..
How to feel your heart breaking..
How to cry..

You are my special man...
Thats what you are..
At least thats what i think..
Thats what you said..
I'm special..
I'm the only one..
But am i?

You are my special man..
You make me laugh..
You make me smile..
You make me sad..
You make me cry..

But you hurt me...
And you do bad stuff...
So are you really my special man...
Am i really your special girl..
Or not?

I think you are my special man..
Because i think i love you..
Yeah..I love you..
But do you love me too?

I think about you 24/7..
In the day...At night..
Wherever i am..You are always on my mind..
But its not good thoughts..Its bad ones..
Bad memories..
Bad thoughts..
Bad feelings..

You aren't my special man after all..
And I'm not your special girl..
I guess i was just a girl..
Just another kid..

But i love you..
And i cared..
I thought you did too..
I thought you will be there..
One day you will...Maybe..
One day..



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