Math Class

by Autumn   May 4, 2007

(as) I sit in math class.
Here today.
Waiting and waiting for time to pass.
Wondering what you got to say.

I cant focus, not a bit.
The teacher is teaching,
as I sit.
I'm tryin' to listen to the words he's speakin'.

I see his lips move,
I dont hear a word.
No words come out.
He's still talkin', I'm still bord.

Teaching he lesson as I write.
My brain is use-less,
and outta sight.
I cant pay attion, this is a mess.

I dont know how I am.
Missing homework,getting bad grades.
Nobody gives a damn,
so I just fade.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Tara

    Lol cute poem, orginal and it gave me a good laugh cause i can totally relate to it!!!