Dreamers Abandon

by Nathan   May 5, 2007

The dew glistens off the new spring grass
Footsteps trail through its refreshing embrace
Merging with nature, its eldritch enchantment
Captivates her eyes, glistening with aquatic reflection
It draws her down

The dew spreads its domain with her languid effort
Hands trace a path, then: her chest
Its chill spreading down into her bosom
Her fingers: its shadow with languorous approach
It draws them down

Eyes, half closed in expectation, flare at his touch
Her lips twitch with the fleeting contact
Their eyes meet and the universe resounds
Her past and future: shadows, her present flares
She draws him down

They merge, every curve matched in sinuous aplomb
Their lips meet slowly, tentatively; then with passion
No force could separate them, their attractive force rivalled
Only by tension: sexual tension, yearning to be released
She guides him down

His lips trace her torso: breast, lower, lower
Her face contorts with pleasure, eyes closing
Embracing the rosy tinge to the world, her pleasure
Causes her pain, but she can�t stop now: passion abounds
He draws her down

Their lips meet with ferocious intensity, he presses into her
His swollen groin grinding against her pelvis
Their clothes melt, dominated by lust, he rolls beneath her;
Fission: she grasps his chest and sways over the edge
He guides her down

Pain, masochistic pleasure, dilates her pupils
She can�t stop: rising and falling like the sands of time
Pain immeasurable darkens the rosy tinge of her pleasure
Passion in every breath she devours him, faster and faster
She thrusts down

Ecstasy echoes throughout, their joint the origin
Cries soar, as their lust escapes them, bodies writhe
The feeling: uncontrollable, him inside her, her inside him
The pleasure: spasmodic then gone, replaced by exhaustion
She crumples, down

The dew coats the grassy meadow, glitter
Its reflection stirs her from exhausted slumber
Her face a puzzle, she is alone, and lonely
Eyes show contentment as they close on Heaven
She lies back, down

The dew glistens off ethereal skin
Colours vivid, even for imagination: surreal
They merge, polymerize, until there is nothing
Nothing but a dew covered meadow.
She awakens


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