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I've been on here for a while. I've lost my way a few times hopefully this time I'm back for good

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  • Age : 27
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  • Country : USA, Michigan
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Latest Poems By Gooberz

  • Thunderstorms brew outside my morning window
    promising me another warm day in the shop...

  • I've sat with these emotions
    bottled up inside my head...

  • Rust (1) 1

    Trying to capture the moments
    like fleeting memories...

  • My hands spread over the keys
    Searching for a change in direction...

  • Born broken and discarded
    Written off into the tides...

Latest Quotes By Gooberz

  • You once told me i was your juggalo
    the missing piece of your torn heart
    that you would become my juggalette
    and together we would heal the broken parts

    10 years ago
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  • Imagine I'm walking alone in a dark corridor, and all the sudden you came with eternal light. Im not in love with the light you provide. I love you bearer of the light dont you see.

    10 years ago
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  • Lemme me out of my mind, and i will show you my heart, love my heart and i will let you in my head, but once your in dont expect it easy to leave, i love you

    10 years ago
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