Testing Me

by ROB J   May 9, 2007

It feels like god is testing me
I'm confessing see but Satan steady stressing me

Telling me he can give me power beyonds means
Make me kings among kings

But at the cost of soul
With out it I'll be no longer whole

But as I have walked this sh*tty road
And all the lies I been told

Doesn't sound to bad to think about
I'm saved but for a better life at times I doubt

My mom has been gone for 18 years, just buried my sister earlier this year
Been cut, threating, and attempts have been made at my life, so theres no tears or fears

But like the book says I'll be dead for much longer then I'll be alive
Evil is testing me but I can not take a dive

So I will continue to walk in a world of sin
That seems to have no end

And die in hopes of reaching the promise land
And live my life trying to keep a hold of god's hand


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