Heart On my Sleeve

by lakitu   May 13, 2007

I wish I’d heard the warnings,
Taken the ready advice,
Listened to what people said,
Stopped and maybe thought twice.

You chewed me up, spat me out,
Left me once again on my own.
At first I was afraid and upset,
But each day my anger has grown.

After everything you promised,
Everything you said,
You put that gun to my temple,
Pulled the trigger, shot me in the head.

“I’m always here for you”
How could I believe?
I guess it’s my own fault
For wearing my heart on my sleeve.

I look at you now and feel no pain,
No regrets or sorrow,
I’d never take you back,
Not now, not tomorrow.

You’ve blown my trust in everyone,
I’m locking everything up inside,
I show no pain or anger,
Their emotions I’m desperate to hide.

You broke the promise,
Smashed the number one rule,
Stepped way over the mark,
So now be prepared to dual.

Every time you hurt me,
Revenge shall be sweet,
I’m not gonna take this lying down,
Determined not to be beat.

Don’t you ever come crawling back,
Cos I really don’t want to know,
I’ve picked myself up again,
And my confidence is starting to show.

If you come begging,
I’ll ask you to leave,
I learnt the hard way,
Never wear your heart on your sleeve


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