Truth (II)

by emmerz   May 17, 2007

You ignore me and dismiss me.
I think you forgot my name.
Since you stretch me out so much,
I cant even remember who Im supposed to be.

Then again, I grew up well.
With honesty and compassion by my side.
Do not doubt what I have to say:
I hold more wisdom than youll ever know.

When you tell of me to others,
It reveals their true character;
Because like it or not,
They know Im real.

I seem to cause an infinity of trouble
Between friends, enemies, and oneself.
They want to believe in something else
And so they throw me away.

I continue to haunt them
Until they give into my plea.
Then they pass me onto someone else
For who would want to waste a gift like truth?

**english class, second version of personification poem**


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