Occasional Paper

by 888Trinity888   May 17, 2007

There are many conversations
and many thoughts
some are hostile
some are not
many debates and confrontations
many sticky situations
among our numbers there are a few
who will always speak the truth
who are not afraid of feelings hurt
they are painfully blunt, truthful, and curt
but no matter how painful their verbal attacks
they will never stab you in the back
for hiding your anger there is no gain
backstabbing creates triple the pain
the rest of us try not to offend
meanwhile our two faces are killing a friend
it hurts to hear your faults firsthand
but not as much as lying can
you think you will be hated, and maybe you will
but remember that insincerity kills
the way for the least friendships to be broken
is to get everything out in the open
we have all done this I am pretty sure
we have all felt insecure
we have all talked about someone while they are gone
we have all passed a rumor on
but you always get angry, too
when something like this happens to you
you do not have to listen to me
I just needed a subject for my OP
but people will be less disgraced
if you say stuff to their face.


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by geeeeee

    "the rest of us try not to offend
    meanwhile our two faces are killing a friend"

    Your exactly right. The truth may hurt but in the end your going to hurt people even more if you stand there and lie to their faces. Talking behind peoples backs is the easy way out of things, most people will never have the courage to say things to peoples faces. Its cowardly really but its a path we all go down. Theres a coward in all of us. Great poem!

    Take Care.

  • 11 years ago

    by Sylvia

    Wow! So true! I love this poem! Its totally awesome and truthfull!