The sun set slow

by nicole   May 18, 2007

And to think it once was called a melody a harmony the streets were filled with hopeless glee of broken hearts and remedy the menacing dark enthralling thee through the canals of drudgery

the hopeless glance of hearts romance of heaven spent a nickle free through the air thick with sea breeze
the heartless name called melodically to the shores of Beethoven's knees

quizzical glares traveled rare within the days with hearts affair and held below a whispers stare the words were wrought with greatest care to fit the tombstone placed gently there

the procession came and trailed off none were said to light heartedly scoff all love was banned for that day the day when remembered all will say the streets were dark the music low and the sun set strangely slow and all was still and don't you know

the queen had died that day


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