Move On Just Like She DId

by Famous Armenian   May 20, 2007

Now theres one girl that i loved, shes my ex , but i got back with her after all,
i really felt her and loved her,
and she did,
but she she has left me and moved on,
cuz shes goin to high school soon, wat a moran
all the things ive done to her,
all the things ive said to her,
she never really care about that,
she just wanted a diffrent guy to be with,
i mean its ok,
but i just miss everything,
i miss her calling me,
i miss her texting me,
i miss her saying , I LOVE YOU BABY,
thats why i hate my life
i even hate it more when she said to me RAMMY I WOULD LOVE TO BE YOUR WIFE,
that what kills me more,
because im not gonna have her any more,
and never talk to her like before,
my heart is broken now,
but im gonna have fun and move on, real quick
im gonna do it just like she did,


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  • 9 years ago

    by Sammerz sorry this happend to you hun but you did moved on and you found someone that loves you and has been there for you. and will never stop loving you.
    Amazing Job Babe