My Big Brother..

by Maggie Joseph   May 22, 2007

He's ALWAYS there for ME when I need him.
He doesn't judge me.
He's the one who makes me smile.
He's the one who tells me it's going to be okay.
He's the one person who shows he still cares.

It's nice to see him smile.
That cheesy grin can put a smile on your face.
When he's sad.
You'll wonder what's wrong?
But he usually won't tell you.

But that's MY BIG BROTHER!!
And he'll be there for me when I'm down.
And I will be there for him.
I hope he knows that.
When he needs to talk to someone.
I will be RIGHT there.

When he needs anything..
I will be there.

I Love Him..
My Big Brother...


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  • 10 years ago

    by audrey harris

    This poem makes me smile :) i can't believe that no one has voted for you yet.