My Secret Heaven

by Flying Phoenix   May 24, 2007

Closing my eyes, the world swirls around me
Drifting in a sea of senses
Bearings lost as once again I am overwhelmed
By the memories
My head swimming in the scent of you
No thoughts dare trespass my secret heaven
Days upon days, those moments
Pure serenity adrift in your arms
No need for substance, living by your breath
As I gaze
Cocooned in a love so tender
I lay back by your side once more
Although so far, you reside away
I dream to the time we'll always stay
For without this love, this warmth of life
This feeling of becoming alive for the first time
Being awoken to the world; a new born
As if everything is different, yet still the same
Life is brighter
Colours more vivid
And the fire burns intensely
Twirling like a dancer to the music
Rhythm of our souls beating fast
Worries tossed away to the wind
Without this
What would I do?

Yet then
Then the doubt, the anxiety and fear
Creep through my soft blanket of life
Tendrils despair crawl beside me
And I cannot do else but think
What if this ends?
How could I, after seeing the world
In a brand new light
Walk off alone
Into the darkness
As if nothing has changed
How could I live without this?
Without you?

My secret heaven
Hidden to the troubles around
Is where I reside
And dream
Dream of your love


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