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To all who stumble to my humble page of poetry;
This is a collection really of all I've ever written - new and ancient - most on a similar theme of heartbreak loneliness etc etc with a dash of dark mystery and death, and a hint of inspirational "this is how to live you life" stuff. Some are serious, others not, and many have got me into trouble, as you all know, poems generally speak your heart. Think what you will and any advice / comments / general thinkings are very very welcome!
I have to say a great thanks to Fig, Seyella, and Fighter for their responses to my poems, and an absolutly HUGE thanks to Strange Angel, Black night, ~Serendib~, and Alex for reading every single one of them..... Their poems leave mine in the mud, but hey... spare a sec to look at them.

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Latest Poems By Flying Phoenix

  • Those chords of life struck their beat
    Narrating the chaos of defeat...

  • She caught the breath before it left
    Those harsh sweet words without a sigh...

  • Oh fair times that fate bestow
    Happy days without sorrow or woe...

  • Squandering past and love alike
    The temptations fragile hand...

  • Every memory, every waking hour
    I lie around chaotic and powerless...

Latest Quotes By Flying Phoenix

  • Thankyou for being there for me
    When I could not pull through
    Thankyou for being there for me
    When there was nothing I could do

    18 years ago
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  • I am not crazy. Just perfectly insane.

    18 years ago
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