Fear, of what?

by Flying Phoenix   May 24, 2007

Alone again, to the peace of the world
Entwined in a dance of souls
My heart beats fast as I look deep
Further into your eyes
Your sea blue grey jewels with a sparkle
A shot of green
And in there
Into you I fall
My mind saying the words over
Again and again
But fear clamps my mouth shut
Sealed with a kiss of death
I cannot
I don't know why
But I do
I cannot speak for fear
Fear of loosing you

I could say them
I could jump off the cliff and wait for the end
If I truly meant them
Would that not be easy?
But does my fright not only spring
From loosing you, but from apprehension
Of recognition
Of the truth?

Yet whatever be the reason
My heart bursts to say

I love you

I cannot live without you


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