Comments : Concrete Angel

  • 11 years ago

    by aDORKable x3

    Another fantastic pome darling! Sorry about the confusion.. I really like the Heart song Crazy On You... lol I give it a 5/5 as always love!

  • 11 years ago

    by Corruption

    Fantastic poem really really sad even more sad that it is true:( but you wrote it very well i hope more people read this to get it heard great job again


  • 11 years ago

    by Cindy

    What a heartbreaking piece. You did a wonderful job writing this story to verse.

    Now a sweet child of nearly three,
    died one snowy night for the world to see.
    How cruel life is, now its too late,
    his life has ended, given by fate.

    These lines brought tears to my eyes.
    Hope this touches the hearts of your readers.
    Take care Cindy

  • 11 years ago

    by Melpomene

    This story you read is of such a shame. Beautifully sad poem you have written here yet again Bryan. Heartfelt, capturing, and emotional. Well done. Truely amazingly written. ~mel

  • 11 years ago

    by Debbie

    I like this -- this was quite a persuasive write. Well, for me, it was. I have a question: did the parents of the ill-fated child abandon him? Fantastically touching, as always. Keep it up, hun! Love, Debbie cakes

  • 11 years ago


    Loved it! At first when I read the title and how you said it was another sad child story I thought it would go along the same lines as Martina McBride's song Concrete Angel, which still makes me cry everytime I hear it as your poem did when I read it. Yes, sadly, this does happen everyday =[

    Anyhow, one thing..

    "born early from what his parents done."

    ^^ You could add a "had" between parents and done to tie it together and better the flow.

    Great job Babe! I know I haven't been reading a lot of yours or commenting, but I will try to do more!


  • 11 years ago

    by robin milford

    Beautiful and so sad.

  • 11 years ago

    by Finalgravedigger

    Wow oh so true sad story , 5/5 very nice, i loved the story well you know what i mean.

  • 11 years ago

    by Poetess

    This is such a sad story. And the most heartbreaking thing is that it's true. Love how you could put such a tragic thing into a beautiful poem. Excellent write. 5/5

    ` Liz =]

  • 11 years ago

    by Gooberz

    I cried 5/5

  • 11 years ago

    by Alvin Laberinto eNigmaa

    Sad stuff you got here 5/5

  • 11 years ago

    by UnToLd TrUtH

    This is so sad and true in many cases. You did a wonderful job. 5/5

    <UnToLd TrUtH>

  • 11 years ago

    by claire

    Wow - this is an amazing poem, amazing message, beautiful writing - i'm almost crying, no joke

  • 11 years ago

    by Zara Baines

    Well written

  • 11 years ago

    by [[Get Ya Wicked On]]

    Sad but true. -T. Jane

  • 11 years ago

    by Jesse

    This is so depressing. and it is sad to thing about this kind of stuff happening. i wish people would see how dumb they are when this kind of stuff happens and how much they are hurting people. who knows...maybe your poem will help people see that.

  • 11 years ago

    by iminlovewithhim

    This is so sad and also something i can relate to

  • 11 years ago

    by Hebe

    A sad poem.
    Very beautiful.
    I really like the last four lines, but the whole poem is great.
    Nice work!

  • 11 years ago

    by Michelle18

    This is so sad and true... *tears* through the whole poem....loved it! 5/5

  • 11 years ago

    by danielle

    Omg this is really good i loved it the flow of words I LOVED IT keep up the good work 5/5