by Traviesa   Jun 1, 2007

I wish I was a girl that could forgive betrayal
But that just isnt me
I would have never expected this of you
I thought u were really down and true
Whenever you needed me I was ther in a split second
But now I realized that all the sacrifice I did for you,
You never did for me
But I guess I just couldnt even see
Tears fall from my eyes
knowing that we arent friends because of lies
We were once best friends
I told you I would ride
Till the day I die
I wont say that Im heartbroken because I knew it would lead to this
but thinking about how we never got a chance to say goodbye makes me a little pissed
You knew you were f**king with fire
But you didnt give a shit cause all you are is a f**king liar
And now you cant get what you did off your mind
Shit all you can do is f**king cry
Cause girl you f**ked up bad
And now all you made me do was be f**king sad
Shit I know I might have said friends are forever
And boys are whatever
But I guess I was wrong
Friends that do stuff like that are not forever
Because of you now I cant even catch my breath
And its just because of the fact that I loved you to death
Why did u have to do this to me!
You knew this shit would f**kin hurt me
I told you everything about me
Bad or good just so u could f**kin see
That I trusted you
But even though u still didnt even have the f*kin courage to say what you needed to say
And now all you can do now is pray
Pray that you dont do this to another friend
Cause you know once you do something
It will always be there inside you till the f**king end
F**k you didnt even give a crap
But dont worry someone will get you back
Cause payback is a b***h!!
And I no that for a fact!


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