6 Poems for English Class

by x Mo x   Jun 8, 2007

My English teacher, on the last day of class, gave us each 5 words. We had to use those 5 words in a 5 line poem. Here are the poems I wrote. The words I was given to use are capitalized.

Poem #1:

The BEND in the river
Houses the FORSAKEN girl.
Her PURPLE bruises
And her CUTS from the world.
Her HEART has been crushed.

Poem #2:

The night was CLEAR,
The whisper was SOFT,
As the FOE peered down.
He cleared his THROAT.
He waited for the CRY.

Poem #3:

The YOUNG girl sleeps
And dreams of the WHITE.
A snowy field waits
In the WINDOW of night
As it BUILDS hope in her.

Poem #4:

The NIGHT cold.
The darkness SURROUNDS.
The trickling BROOK
gives background to the fluttering WINGS' sounds.
The last bird not FROZEN.

Poem #5:

A HEART full of pain,
Pain CREATED by hate.
CLOUDS fill his mind
As he stares at hell's GATE.
His choice that LINGERED through to death.

Poem #6:

FROSTY flowers bloom
On the forest FLOOR.
The snowy SHOWER
Starts GROWING into something more.
CONCIOUSNESS comes to life in the new Spring.

Yea, lame, but I had ten minutes and random words. So, instead of doing a normal comment, will you tell me which is your favorite and why? Please....thanks!


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  • 10 years ago

    by mimzy

    I like your choice of words, and the poems were nice too! if you can even write this well at a school assignment, you should start writing more poems.. Or do you already?

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