Mending Mistakes

by The Sky is Falling   Jun 9, 2007

I cant even begin to count
Every mistake Ive made since i began to breathe
I wont even be able to imagine
All of the mistakes Ill make before I get to leave
Including the mistake I just made
Just another little crazy mistake
When I got all confused
Grabbed the pen and called you fake
I am such a jerk
I can understand if you are mad
I mean it hurt me that I hurt you
I feel worse than bad
But how can you be interested
And still give me the cold shoulder
It seemed like the more I talked to you
I only managed to get colder
Sorry if I came on kind of strong
Ive really only gone for one other boy before
So I got confused on what you were thinking
Sorry, I cant approach you like a man-wh**e
If you still want to talk
Then you get me being me
No more fakes, just a dorky
Geeky, crazy kid who looks goofy
Besides Im interested to learn more
About you, like your last name
And you still have to beat me in pool
You still owe me another game


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  • 9 years ago

    by Nobodys Hero

    Different to what I normally read but it was an emotional and honest poem =] Really nice job!