Schools Out...Forever

by The Sky is Falling   Sep 19, 2008

Let the tears fall from this face,
This worn out body has nothing to waste.
My breath is shallow,
Heart so hallow.
Eyes running dry,
Wishing Id rather be high.
The mean words people say,
Making my life into a play.
Messing with me is just a game,
But then, it always gets lame.
Preps always getting the fame,
Yet I believe their all the same.
Until one night,
After a horrible fight.
I decided the fame should be mine,
Not really caring if its out of line.
The next day I went to school,
Oh! Did everyone think that was cool.
I pulled out the gun,
My fun has now begun.
Smile, like you always do??
Oh, you dont think this is fun too??
I say these words as I watch their faces,
Its time to put them all in their places.
Pull the trigger, now their all dead,
Just one little bullet for all them in the head.
I sit on the ground,
Looking all around.
Screaming coming from every hall,
Guess no ones going to the mall.
Teachers are trying to pull the wounded away,
I watch them with nothing to say.
Hearing the sirens coming near,
Time to face the last of my fear.
Putting the gun to my chin,
Guess no one will win.


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by AGirlWorthFightingFor

    Excellent word use and conveyance of emotions, but don't worry, sooner than you think school will be out forever and maybe then you'll be able look back and see how minor those problems then were

  • 13 years ago

    by Nobodys Hero

    A very well written piece =]
    The poem was descriptive and the flow was consistant. The stanzas all held the rhyming scheme very well and I really enjoyed reading this poem. Awesome work 5/5