by Flying Phoenix   Jun 21, 2007

When the world outside my window
Is dark, uninviting and cold
The wind is howling a nightmare
This, is what I want to be told

I woke to find a smile there
Flickering, glimmering, dancing
Infectiously growing on my face
As I got up out of bed
I raced up to my window
I watched the torrents of rain pour down
My clothes were all dirty
Not a thing I could wear
The fridge smelt awful
And the cupboard was bare
I ran out of toothpaste
The kitchen clock broke
So I missed my bus to work
When I walked I got soaked
I undid my coat
Shook my hair dry
Sending droplets far and wide
Causing my computer to fry
Its screen buzzed
And then went bang
I sat in my chair

As my day drew to a close
Worse events threatening
To steal my smile away
It just grew bigger
For there's a reason for it to stay

For when I get home
To your perfect face
Complaining about the day you had
Misery I replace
By telling you this
Not a thing could go wrong
When I think of you
Smiling around
I truly love you


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