by Sam Dent   Jun 24, 2007

Its three o'clock in the morning.
And I cant seem to get to sleep.
Cause what has just crossed my mind.
Has got me thinking pretty deep.

Nothing is as important to me.
As you are right now.
After searching all this time.
Your the one Ive found.

Life doesn't seem at all fair anymore.
When all I do is fall.
Whats the point in giving it my everything.
When I already gave it my all.

People can relate to me.
But they'll never feel my pain.
All thats shows up on my face anymore.
Is dried up tear stains.

I cant let go of all we had.
And I just cant leave our memories behind.
Your the only one I truly love.
And I cant get you off my mind.

I cant move on or give up.
Or feel the happiness I felt then.
Cause the only way ill ever be happy.
Is when your by my side again.

I'm trying to cope with all my pain.
But its gotten really hard to hold on.
I'm trying to block out the thought of you.
But that only makes things feel more or less wrong.

I cant live my life with out you.
When everyday it gets harder and harder to breath.
What the point in even living anymore.
When all I do is grieve.

My heart lies in your hands.
And the truth is hidden in my eyes.
I think about you and me.
And another part of me dies.

I don't know what to do anymore.
Cause nothing feels right.
I cant just let this all fall.
With out putting up a fight.

You need to take a minute.
To think about all that you could lose.
Cause someday you will realize you need me.
And ill be with the one who already knew.

But I promise you that wont happen.
As long as I'm still here.
But babi just think about.
Before I completely disappear.

Jay Jay
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  • 11 years ago

    by rebecah

    I can kind of relate, my boyfriend and i are breaking up, but he still says he loves me. it is confusing as hell&hurts so much. this poem is profound&i give it a 5/5. great job.

  • 11 years ago

    by just me

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Very nice. Deffinitely goin in my faves. It's sadly beautiful but also i catch a shimmer of hope in it. Idk, it made me think, which is wonderful.
    .........I love it..........i can really relate to it right about now.....

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