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The name is Sam. wow I must say i've had this account with all my poems for probably about 5-6 years. I used to write constantly back then, but kind of went blank for about 2 years after going through some traumatic things. but theres just so many thing i need to get out and some many thing that are just conspiring in my mind. I hope you all have enjoyed my poetry over the past few years and i want to thank you all for feedback and rates and kind of mentoring. I'm pretty easy to get along with, and im an all around sweet. on the contrary i do not taking crap from anyone. I love to write, play basketball. if anyone does have any questions please ask away i am an open book. Also i do have a facebook i dont put much of my poetry on there cuz not alot of people no I'm a softy, but any ways look me up Sam Dent.

Thank you all

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Latest Poems By Sam Dent

  • I knew from the very moment,
    The moment your eyes met mine...

  • Blind 1

    Tell me, what was it I did so wrong,
    for you to make me feel like I shouldn't exist...

  • Who Am I? (1) 1

    I stand in front of the mirror,
    Seeing this reflection of myself...

  • God now carries you with him,
    since you passed through heavens gate...

  • I lock myself up in my room,
    To hide the pain inside...

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  • I wish i could hate you for every lie you ever told me, but its so much easier to hate myself for believing for one second you actually meant all of it.

    8 years ago
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  • You'll never find the one made for you when your searching for them. So set back enjoy the ride, play the game, and in the end you'll win your prize.

    8 years ago
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  • All you gotta do is,
    Believe in love,
    Just believe in us..

    Fall Into Me
    Emerson Drive

    9 years ago
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