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Welcome to my poetry page, my name is Tylor. Originally go by Sam, but I am in the process of transitioning from female-male. Which I am very happy, and excited to start my journey. I’m 27 years old, and live in West Virginia the beautiful mountain state!! I’ve been writing poetry since the age of 11, and for a long time I lost interest. Writers block set in, and I lost inspiration. Life is never easy, but the best you can do is get up every day and show up for life! That’s what I do! I have a poetry Instagram page, if anyone would like please follow, and show some love my username: words_from_the_heart_1201 .. I love writing, sports, outdoors and my two wonderful dogs Bella(Siberian Husky) and Cheko my sidekick (MinPin/Chihuahua). Absolutely a dog person more than I am a people person sadly! I have struggled over the past 5 years with drug and alcohol abuse ontop of major PTSD! I almost lost my life on October 28, 2019 from a black out, and trying to commit suicide! I have been sober since that very day, and attend both NA/AA meetings as much as possible to live a better life, and take control of my disorders other than PTSD! If anyone ever has the urge or feel like giving up please reach out. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook under Tylor Dent! Do not hesitate, suicide is a serious matter, and your life is important, you absolutely have a purpose!! So please if not Facebook or Instagram please DM on here! I have two wonderful, beautiful, amazing girls I’m also trying to better life for! They are my biggest motivation on top of changing my life for myself most importantly!! I studied 3 years of psychology and plan to graduate in the next couple years when I go back, psychology and philosophy are the most interesting things to me! I’m an open book, and very helpful to those who need it and are willing to reach out. Thank you for checking out my page and my poetry and to all those over the years that followed my poetry as we’ll. I so far have 3 poems published in The AmericanPoets Society, and also one of mine has been turned into a song in Ireland! Which in my book is truly amazing, and feels like a true blessing! One day I hope to publish a book about my life, as well as a poetry book! Please feel free to check out my poetry on here, and Instagram as well!

Thank you,
Tylor S. Dent

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  • Age : 27
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  • Country : USA, West Virginia
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Latest Poems By Tylor Dent

  • I knew from the very moment,
    The moment your eyes met mine...

  • Blind 1

    Tell me, what was it I did so wrong,
    for you to make me feel like I shouldn't exist...

  • Who Am I? (1) 1

    I stand in front of the mirror,
    Seeing this reflection of myself...

  • God now carries you with him,
    since you passed through heavens gate...

  • I lock myself up in my room,
    To hide the pain inside...

Latest Quotes By Tylor Dent

  • I wish i could hate you for every lie you ever told me, but its so much easier to hate myself for believing for one second you actually meant all of it.

    9 years ago
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  • You'll never find the one made for you when your searching for them. So set back enjoy the ride, play the game, and in the end you'll win your prize.

    9 years ago
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  • All you gotta do is,
    Believe in love,
    Just believe in us..

    Fall Into Me
    Emerson Drive

    10 years ago
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