by oddi tea   Jul 6, 2007

Skip, run Flash
Off don't hit me
It was only a bash
A make out in the sun
A euphoric moment of fun
Skip, run, Flash
Oh baby I haven't chased
Run skip crash
It was all like a Flash
I miss you
But I don't need you
For I'm supposed to be pure
But your sullen sins
Skip over the verse
That beats in my heart
Matthew five verse eight
Are the pure
In heart for they will
See God. You will not
See God. In tears of
Freedom. But ones shed
Of guilt. Remorse. Shame
You defiled. Everyone. Yourself.
So shall you pay
So now I pray
God set me free
Away from you
To live to breathe
Not to be sucked into
The abyss of you
So Jesus, Lord give me
Strength let me fight
For the truth
And win in your way
Never again.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Iola

    Never judge. Especially not your own feelings.