Revenge is a double action reversible black candle

by beav   Jul 6, 2007

With tears in my eyes, oh dear mother, i come
to ask for your guidance and help.
For my love, now is gone into others arms,
the arms of the evil ones whelp.
Oh my child, come now and instruct you, I will.
I will guide you in ways, black and white.
You will find what you seek at the end of this road,
resolve all that is now your plight.

Light pink and red candles, a parchment beneath,
written, a wax covered name.
Happiness burns colors of orange and blue,
is drawn as a moth to a flame.

The new moon brings visions of passion and lust.
power of mind forces love.
The good moon brings peace to the heavy of heart,
new hope as the stars glow above.

Bat's eye, Mojo Bean, Adam and Eve root,
black cat bone, heart of swallow, lodestone.
These things and more in a small flannel bag
to be touched by no hand but your own.

In three days, a cross of War Water you'll pour
in the yard of the wrong-doers house.
Confusion Powder shall cover your ground.
the evil around, it will douse.

A Squint Drop laced letter to blind others charms,
to give love eyes only for you.
Eye of cat, herbs and the Devil's Shoestring
you will carry in secrecy, too.

Vinegar of Four Thieves, this wrong love, it shall cross.
with doves blood, will you strike the name out.
The Lucky Hand and Great Goddess of Chance.
pray for these with no spirit of doubt.

Draw the cards, deuce of diamonds will be first and true.
Three of hearts warns of things yet to don.
Spades of seven tells sorrow, the product of loss.
Queen of clubs, that is you, will be drawn.

Now listen, remember the words i say next...
faith- what you dare not lack.
Go now. Commit to the ritual i speak
and never, i say NEVER look back.

Hear my voice, my dear child and all this do obey'
for love comes just as a wind blows.
The seeds of revenge you will plant in the earth,
from there your desires will grow.



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