I'm Sorry Mom and Dad

by Vanessa   Jul 31, 2007

I am sorry Daddy
I am sorry Mommy
I know you are too young
to have me in your tummy.

But I still love you Mom
and I still want you Dad
to bad that you don't want me
sorry I made you mad.

Just don't cry pretty Mommy
everything will be alright
Daddy will come back to you
sorry I caused a fight.

What are you doing mommy?
please don't break my heart
I love you and Daddy so much
please don't tear us apart.

Mommy and Daddy I'm so sad
because I never got a chance
to get to hear your voices
or even get a glance.

You never got to see me
or hold me in your arms
I knew you weren't ready
I didn't mean no harm.

Your actions weren't my fault
just look what you have done
I hope you do not feel remorse
to see your baby gone.

*please comment and let me what you felt*


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