Take My Pain Away

by Shay   Aug 3, 2007

I was put on this earth
ask me why ?
I can't tell
but whatever reason it is
I wish the reason would end
I wake up every morning
and wish i stayed asleep
I cry silent tears
tears i won't let others see
I go to grab my blade
to take my pain away
but a feeling comes over me
and I just want it to go away
I want to cut more
make the blade go deeper
hopefully i'll cut deep enough
and finally meet my creator
the one who put me here
and made me endure this pain
they say he went through more
then why put us through the same
if you love us like you say
then just take us away
hold us in your arms
and just tell us you care
I want to believe in you
but your never there
I pray to you in the night n
hoping you'll hear my call
hoping that I'll wake up in your arms
I want so bad to feel you
to even see you with my eyes
I want you to keep me warm
and be with me all the time
I've done so much wrong
and I want to make it right
I'd feel so much better
if i knew i had you by my side
I feel no one can understand me
and I'm hoping you do
I need a leader in my life
someone that can help me make it through
I want to see you smile
I want you to speak to me
and say that you are proud
I've changed so much
and I see a better me
but this pain is still here
and I don't think you see
just show me a sign , just grab a hold of my hand
I want to be with you lord , just tell me I can


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  • 9 years ago

    by Biya

    Shay ! He is the only who is with u ... A lovely poem u have written :) .... He says take a step towards me I will take 10 steps towards you..Thats Great u ask Him for help , now wait He is about to help u soon InshAllah :) ...i liked this poem as it gives two conclusions , First one is 'one who laughs with others , have fun with them , they r very deep n have pain in their hearts which they dont show to others But Show Him only n discuss Him what should they do'...Second conclusion is There is still hope to hear from God(Allah)...U will soon hear from Him , He never leaves anybody who wants His help.....Just never leave the hope ! Biya