Come and gone

by emmerz   Aug 14, 2007

I used to say we were meant to be
It all seemed so real
Then reality hit me between the eyes
I didn't know how to heal

I erased every memory I had of you
Whether it was good or bad
Not seeing your face even once a month actually made me mad

I was tired of covering up the pain
And holding everything back
I may have gained a little strength
But it was confidence I lacked

So the other day I saw you
And something inside me cried
As I calmly walked towards you
I just said 'hello' and smiled

It sounds so silly how one simple move
Could change my point of view
Because after that day all I wanted
Was JUST to be friends with you

No more wishing on that shooting star
Or trying to change God's plans
With a little patience, I surely hope
Things will end like they began

Two people together with a common goal
Of getting to know one another
So forget that whole romance thing -
He could be like an older brother

Every once in a while I think
There may be a chance of something more
But I come to my senses, and along with the thought
My insanity is thrown out the door


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