Turn your back on me

by Mish   Aug 26, 2007

I cry as I remember
Although I want to forget
The pain you have caused me
You will never admit
A lost cause you say
Thats what I am nothing more to you
You don't even look deeper
If only you knew
I don't want to be like this
I want my old life back
It used to be full of happiness
But now happiness is what I lack
I am sorry I have issues
But remember so do you
And I was there to support you
Remember what I helped you through?
So now when I need you
You choose not to be there?
Its like a slap in the face
You seriously don't care
"Shes so depressing, its lame"
Your words cut me deep
Thats right I heard what you said...
My trust you failed to keep
I hate you so much
You are so cold
Been friends for so long
Since we were four years old
But just throw me away
Take me off of your list
Turn your back on me
Like I never did exist...


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  • 10 years ago

    by Koreena

    This poem is very well written! No one should ever have to feel like this...but we all have.