The Greatest Foe

by ely boy estoque   Sep 13, 2007

There was a man who always involved in fight
He fights day and night
Without having even a single fright
Without thinking if it is wrong or right.

He went everywhere in there town
Walking like a clown in the street
Criticize anybody and kick on his feet
Then laugh like a demon in triumph.

Another man is so silent
Just went around and get a brush to paint
He smiles at anyone who passes by
And then wave his hand to say hello and bid goodbye.

Then one summer day
By the power of destiny
The man of silent and the man of hatred
Meet in the land of promise.

The mad man said, Why are you so silent and full of glee?
Then the silent man said, because I am happy.
I do not have a foe and I live happily.
I do not have foe because I love them and they love me.

The mad said why me
Is so different from you
You do not have foe but I.., I always have a foe.
You tell me what did you do.

They are not your foe,
They are your friends and lovers
You yourself is your greatest foe
For you do not know how to discipline yourself and you do not have a self respect.


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