I Miss You Mama

by njabulo b   Sep 19, 2007

Everyday that passes I involuntarily cry
The endless tears like a water in a dam
I wish to feel better; I lock myself in your room and try
But all my tries end up being the same

I miss you mama
And nobody could ever understand except you
They see me cry alone then think I'm craze
It's only that they don't know the pains I feel

I found it hard to carry on without you Mama
How did you leave me alone?

Should I follow you or continue crying
Ever since you gone I'm always struggling
It feels like I'm no longer breathing

Ma, I'm always say this in spite of myself
'Mother is the origin of everything'
And this line describe you mama
You was the shield and the light to me
You guided me from my first day on earth
And you light me the way everywhere I go

I miss you mama for everything you did
I miss you when we went to mall and you bought me clothes
When I thanked you, you just said: 'I love you my son'
You took me to the restaurant when I was too hungry
Then bought me my favourites food with the cold drink
You gave me your last money when I didn't have
You preferred to stay broke then to see me cry

You used to advise me with life and love
And you did that every night before you sleep
Every morning your first thought was always of me
As you knocked at my bedroom door every morning
When I finished school on top you appreciated me daily
While everyone around was long forgotten

You shouted at me when I was wrong mama
But in the way that I could see my mistake
Mama, I don't only miss the things you did for me
But also miss you here with me
I miss your bright shining smile you gave me
That wiped my tears when I was in life fear

Who can ever do that's for me now?
No one did ever since you've gone
That why in this way I miss you Ma
No one can ever replace you

If I could be asked why I hate death now
It's because it took you from me.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Mack Bopape

    That's why I say "Nobody cares more about you than your mother." tha is one of my quotes. I can imagine the pain you are in.
    nobody will ever give you the motherly love like your mama did.

    I even shared the tears when I read this poem. It realy touched me.

    sorry for what happaned my man! Just hold on and be strong, everything wiil be okey.

    Your friend Mack.....